Full Service Production Offerings

We encourage you to Dream BIG, really big.
MetroMedia Productions, Inc. provides the expertise, equipment, and experience to transform those dreams from concept into reality. 
With a wide breadth of experience in all creative and technical aspects of live event production,  no idea lies outside the realm of possbility.
We help our clients create events that engage and inspire their audiences, and love nothing more than a new creative challenge to rise to.
Quality audio is absolutely of the utmost importance — without it there is no show! Getting clear and intelligible sound from the presenter to the audience requires both quality equipment and expertise to implement the right correct tools and configuration for a particular room and application. MetroMedia Productions, Inc. has both the expertise and equipment to make sure that your message is heard with clarity and impact.
We have invested in the latest sound reinforcement and concert audio systems from JBL, EV, Yamaha, EAW, Meyer Sound, Apogee, Soundcraft, Midas, Klark Teknick, Crest, QSC, Behringer, Mackie, Lexicon, DBX, Sure, AKG (just to name a few!). We have the experts to provide your line array systems, digital and analog consoles, large scale concert sound rigs, and Outdoor Event Public Address systems — if you have the event, we have the gear to ensure your message is heard loud and clear.
Whether you need an extensive flown and rigged lighting package, stage washes or uplights, you now have access to the most advanced, cutting-edge, reliable lighting equipment in the nation. By utilizing our creative team of highly experienced technicians, you know you can count on MetroMedia Productions, Inc. to deliver on-time and within budget with broadcast quality results.
  • Focused Stage washes for video recording
  • Uplights and Battery powered "Cans"
  • Moving Fixtures and Gobos
  • Atmospheric lighting for added effect
  • Wireless and DMX controlled signal flow
  • LED cubes, Glow Podiums and GOGO boxes
  • Studio lighting for any budget
Countless Hours of research and development have been spent devising new and creative ways to seamlessly implement the latest in video system technology. High powered HD projection and exemplary screen surfaces utilizing the best brands in the business will push your event to the forefront of visual support. Our Switchers, Scalers, and signal routing including fiber optic distribution and tie-ins to existing venue infrastructure simplify your event and ensure a successful glitch free program so you can stress less and enjoy the show.
  • Professional Screens of multiple sizes and styles for superior presentations
  • Broadcast Quality Switchers and Scalers
  • Reliable distribution and Signal Routing
  • HD Projection with Variable Lensing Options
  • Fiber Optic Support for Large Venue Operations
Computers & Networking
MetroMedia Productions, Inc. is the leader in providing technology support for conventions, meetings, trade shows, and other events. With our comprehensive state of the art inventory, MetroMedia Productions, Inc. can fully support your event, nationwide. 
From pre-planning to on-site execution to breakdown after the event, MetroMedia Productions, Inc. team will be there to support you every step of the way. We know that our performance is critical to your success and our on-site staff works hard to ensure every detail is attended to. 
  • Multiple Breakout Session Workshops
  • Custom made-for-show Apps
  • Internet Cafes
  • Show Management Offices
  • Registration and Messaging Systems
  • Tradeshow IT Rentals
  • Online Presentation Management
Scenic Design and Custom Fabrication
Setting the stage is more than just an expression. We can help you set the tone for your conference/event with the right scenery, staging, and set design to fully express your brand. So whether you need pyrotechnics, stage sets with custom designed branding, or hand built scenic backdrops, we can help you envision, design, and execute with great efficiency.

Live Streaming and Web Conferencing
Event technology has evolved fast over the years, enabling companies to save money and offer an in-room experience without the considerable expenses of attendee travel.  We employ a myriad of web conferencing and streaming options that enable our clients to take advantage of these new digital meeting options. Never worry about audio feedback or incompatibility isues again.

Content Creation and Pre-Production
Our In-House pre production team is well versed in the newest programs and applications to design and animate your show content. Focus solely on your presentation delivery using content we collaborate on together that is built to impress. Whether you are working from scratch or simply need compositional assistance, we have an experienced team who is poised to help.

Studio Videography, Event Recording and Robotic Camera Capture
In most circumstances, you only have one shot at effectively capturing a live event. In choosing MetroMedia, you can be confident that your footage will be clear and professional. We have a wide range of HD Camera options for iMag, studio recordings, commercial and advertisements, and live streaming. We offer robotic cameras as well so you can save on labor and still enjoy the versatility of capturing multiple camera angles, where traditional tripods and operators cannot go.